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Rome, All the Sights Semi-Private Walking Tour – without Vatican

6-Hour Walking Tour, plus time for lunch (maximum 12 guests)

In our opinion:

All top sights of Old and Ancient Rome at a slow pace in one day.

In our customers opinion:

„We booked Vatican on another day to concentrate on all other important sites of Old and Ancient Rome” John Parks, Dublin, Ireland
Why Go

The tour has been designed for an active traveller who loves walking and wishes to get a very good overview of most important Roman sights, all in a day tour.

We will start from visiting the Colosseum (skipping the lines) and climbing it upper piers. We will than walk past the Arch of Constantine to the Palatine Hill, once the residence of the ancient rich and powerful. The views are breathtaking; from the Bath of Caracalla to the Circus Maximus and the Aventine Hill and onto the Roman Forum under our feet.

We will stop at the Arch of Titus than descent onto the Roman Forum with the ruins of its ancient temples, the Senate House and the Rostra, from where most important speeches were given. Upon leaving the Forum we will call at the Mamertine Prison where St Peter and St.Paul spent their last days. A short climb will take us to the Capitol Hill, the most famous of the Roman hills. The Rome Town Hall designed by Michelangelo is the seat of Rome’s major today.

After a break for a snack in a Italian snack bar with views over Rome e will walk down the hill by the Tarpeian Rock where the traitors of the Empire had been executed and reach the Theatre of Marcellus and the area of Jewish Ghetto. The views as we walk down are unique. With the domes of hundreds of churches at your feet you will understand why Rome is called the city of thousand churches and one synagogue

We will then continue to Piazza Farnese with Michelangelo’s wine-draped overhead walkway. Then we will pass on to the famous Campo dei Fiori, the heart of Roman social life. We will continue to Piazza Navona with Bernini’s Four Rivers Fountain that is todays artists corner and from there to Pantheon once Roman gods temple built by emperor Hadrian. We will finally arrive on piazza Spagna, right at the bottom of Spanish Steps, making sure to put the legendary coin in the Trevi Fountain on the way.

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