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30 years in business

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1. Shall I book directly with you or through my agent?

If you found us directly, feel free to book with us directly. However, if are using or have a relationship with travel professional, we insist that you schedule these itineraries through them as well. We pride ourselves in being reliable partners with travel companies worldwide. We have earned their trust and they have merited ours. So much so that we provide to you a list of these, our partners, in your location.

2. What payment options are there?

We quote in Euro. We accept Visa and Mastercard. We also take travelers checks and personal checks. Please note, we add 4% to the bill if services are paid by credit card.

3. Do you require a deposit?

We require 100% deposit for the first confirmed tour or your credit card number.

4. Do you give discounts?

Vatican Tours and Beyond operates it tours on private basis only. Whether it is a family of two or a big party of 20 travelling together our company does not offer possibility to join other travelling party in order to reduce the costs. There are however 5 other ways of making our services more affordable: by taking a package of our tours: We believe that the more you would like to spend with us in terms of time and money the more reduction we should offer to our customer. Ask for reduction when planning on spending total of more than E 1000 for our services by paying cash or travellers checks for our services and avoiding paying by credit card: Credit card companies charge up to 5% credit card fee for transaction. Guarantee your service by credit card and pay us at the end by cash or American Express travellers checks. We will add additional 6% on our side making it a total of 10% saving. by recommending us to your friends and family. The word of mouth is our best marketing tool. If you liked our tour and would like to tell the others without us you are making a great favor to us. We would like to show our gratitude and reward you with a E 100 credit against your or your family/friends next visit. by buying a gift voucher from us. Pay E 90 for each of E 100 worth of gift sightseeing voucher by booking through your travel agent. We support travel partners and love working with them. They provide most of our booking and are our best "evangelists". Book through your travel agent at the same price or simply let us know who your travel agent is and we will send you E 150 worth sightseeing voucher. finally if you travel with small children and money comes from one wallet we will be happy to offer reduced fees. E-mail us and let us know

5. What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 48-hour non-refundable cancellation policy for tours in Rome and 72-hour non-refundable cancellation policy for tours outside Rome. Cancellation deposits due to emergencies are quickly refunded in full, no questions asked.

6. How do I give you my credit card number securely?

We accept credit cards numbers via fax ONLY. Your information is secured and the document immediately shredded (the dogs names are Kant and Lea).

7. Do I have to choose and pre-book all my itineraries in advance?

No. It is good to plan and book as many itineraries as possible so we can coordinate our busy Lecture-Guides and Drivers. However, we pride ourselves in our flexibility and improvisational skills. We understand that ideas, plans and changes come up at the last minute. We proudly handle them with sensitivity and efficiency.

8. How do I book events, museums and special attractions?

We do it all for you and it's free. Let us know what you want to do and when.

9. Is there a lot of walking?

Some tours have more walking than others. Some are totally designed for a stroll. We coordinate warm rest spots, cool rest spots, clean bathrooms and appropriate meal breaks to ensure that your rambling is comfortable, non-strenuous and enjoyable.

10. How can I see the Pope?

The Pope has a public audience on Wednesday at 10 AM and a blessing on Sunday at Noon. We arrange all tickets, free of charge.

11. Are the itineraries fun for kids?

Most are. Sometimes itineraries are too sophisticated for younger tourists. We often provide alternative activities in these cases. Give us the ages and interests of your kids and we will design something special. We are family people ourselves and understand how to respond to such concerns.

12. Is Italy safe?

Italy is one of the safest countries in Europe and Rome is one of the safest major cities in the world. The legendary pickpockets are a nuisance, but weaponless. Common sense precautions will guarantee you a happy holiday experience.

13. Are Americans welcomed?

One third of Italian tourism comes from America. 35 million Italians immigrated to America in the last century. Many Americans have relatives here. And, most of all, the Italian populace is friendly, cordial and helpful. Everyone speaks, wants to speak or will try to speak English. The welcome mat is clean, swept and out.

14. What type of cars do you use?

We have a fleet of late model Mercedes and Ford cars and vans.

15. Are there provisions for handicapped access?

Our vans can accommodate wheelchairs. We can make special arrangements for touring certain sights and are sensitive to any physical limitations.

16. Are you insured?

Fully, completely and totally.